The creation of modern gastronomy concepts for systemic individual and brand gastronomy form the core of our activities on the market. Our years of activities, national and international industry experience but especially the many years of active exploitation of systemic catering establishments form the basis of our actions and actions.


In addition to classic concept development topics (such as location and market analyzes planning and interface delineation potential assessments, corporate design and branding, etc.) we have been increasingly specializing in process-oriented consulting tools for a number of years such as our food and product range development.


Especially in this day and age where topics such as employee procurement employee loyalty and their qualification occupy companies as well as many systems it is important to simplify processes to ensure lasting quality assurance and not least topics such as hygiene and occupational safety.


Here we see our core task in the topic of transforming complex industry topics into a process-oriented simplification. Certainly not an easy way but from our own experience absolutely worth pursuing!