.consultant in the hospitality industry.

As a longtime board member we have been a member of the hospitality industry for many years. In addition to the professional aptitude all members with a high degree of neutrality ie. no association or Industry affiliation in the consulting segment Catering & Hospitality with a proven experience be active.

.partner institut für wirtschaftswunder - foodentwicklung.

IfWW is a modern network organization of professional and market experienced consulting partners from the segments franchise and licensing law design and furniture development marketing and communication as well as food development and production. With our network which we

co-founded in 2008 we were able to In recent years we support and market many system and brand formats.


Especially in the areas of food development production and the process-oriented implementation in companies and systems in conjunction with training in the factories manual incl. recipe creation are the main focus of the IfWW. Today we have excellent contacts to food manufacturers to food producers to the packaging industry as well into the areas of hygiene and occupational safety. The creation of complex documentation in the respective areas with Adaptation to the consulting projects systems and / or brands is an essential part of an assignment.