Management functions industry:

Head of Concept Factory Bitburger Beverage Group 1995 - 2007

  • Construction and implementation of the Bitburger concept factory as a consulting tool in the gastronomy & hotel sector for the brands Bitburger - Köstritzer -Licher - König - Wernersgrüner

  • Advisory sales support for all KAM customers including catering and group hotels

  • Development and implementation of own system and gastronomy brands

  • Conceptual and operative cooperation in the area of ​​brand architecture (eg development and implementation of trade fair stands T V sets special sponsoring eg WM 2006 - stadium catering etc.) at the interfaces in-house marketing and external agencies

  • Trainer / Speaker inhouse & externally - Focus: Training - Coaching Sales staff Catering and GFGH and major customers

  Reference Customers self-employment (Excerpt) Bayer Gastronomie / Leverkusen

  • Development of gastronomy concept Bayer Löwe incl. Wine cellar (casino) and stadium gastronomy

  • Advisory support for conceptual and brand-related questions in the area of ​​Bayer Gastronomie

 RWTH / FIR & Fraunhofer Institut / Aachen

  • Advisory support CAMPUS GmbH in the development of supply and catering units at the new Capmpus Melaten

  • Concept development Employee and guest catering for the FIR and the Fraunhofer Institute at the location     

DOM – Römer Areal / Frankfurt

  • Advisory support Radeberger Brewery Group within the overall concept

  • Development of a brand-conscious catering concept at the interface between architects and investors

  • Preparation of the design and brand technical implementation (... planned in 2017)

Style Outlet / Zweibrücken

• Market analysis and development of a gastronomy concept at the interface retail.

Tchibo Coffeeservice / Hamburg

  • Strategy and concept development incl. Market analysis for the preparation of a market entry in the GFGH segment - setup and monitoring of the test market incl. Evaluation

  • Conceptual and strategic consulting in the AHM (focus on gastronomy / systeme)

  • Project-related consulting from the KAM customer Gastronomie

NORDSEE / Bremerhafen

  • Concept development incl. Design, CD / CI and assortment planning of a café bar at the interface NORDSEE-Restaurants


PENTA – Hotels / Deutschland

  • Conceptual, strategic and operational support and advice in the entire field of F & B in cooperation with Foodlook Studio - Cologne

  • Advisory support in the area of ​​processes / processes and assortment management at the interfaces Design (Thun / Milan office) and Operations

  • Active participation in the conversion and system implementation on site

METRO / Düsseldorf

  • Analysis gastronomic submarket (Italian restaurants in Germany) in cooperation with Metro C&C

  • Development of a gastronomic system architecture for the market environment ital. Gastronomie national in cooperation with network partners

Young system brands national

  • Ongoing advisory, strategic support for young brands in the segments of brand and system development, assortment management, multiplication strategies, system consolidation and business administration

  • Sample brands: COA, Chidoba, Dimmi Si, Donna Mia, Hanswurst, Munich Soup Kitchen, Tucher`s Bratwursthäusle, Bowling Room ...

Excerpt from our reference & customer list:


PENTA – Hotels / Frankfurt

Althoff Hotel Gruppe / Köln

Ameron Hotels – Deutschland

Domicil Leidinger / Saarbrücken 

Industry and Institutions

Metro / Düsseldorf
Senckenberg Museum / Frankfurt Stockheim Gruppe / Düsseldorf Zoologischer Garten / Frankfurt RWTH Campus Melaten / Aachen Actris / Mannheim
Dom – Römer – Projekt / Frankfurt

Deka – Immobilien / Düsseldorf Kurt Schumacher – Museum / Hagen ANTE – Möbel / Winterberg
Style Outlet / Zweibrücken

Münchner Suppenküche / München Tchibo Coffee Service / Hamburg Bayer Gastronomie / Leverkusen FARMHAUS / Düsseldorf Kammgarn / Kaiserslautern

ECE / Hamburg
Frauenhofer Institut / Aachen

Zimmermann Gruppe / Aachen Nordsee / Deutschland

Bay. Hausbau / München F.I.R – Aachen
Fittaste / Luxemburg 


Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg / Krombach

Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer / Warstein

Karlsberg Brauerei / Homburg
Radeberger Gruppe / Frankfurt 

For years gastema GmbH has been working together with project partners on network partners in the fields of architecture, food and beverage development or production graphic and communication design and real estate development.


Other reference customers can be named on request. Here we are partially subject to confidentiality requirements.