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Harald F. Lichter; Born in 1961 - the son of a gastronomy family he was already rooted in gastronomy early on - after his gastronomic training he worked for several years in the international gastronomy and hotel industry

After graduating as a business economist combined with a management trainee program in the system and brand gastronomy followed by an additional qualification at the Institute for System Catering - Munich.

The foundations for his later activities in the area of ​​system and brand gastronomy were thus laid at an early age.

After this many years of consulting work began in the brewing and beverage industry in Germany. As the founder and long-time head of a concept and system development department he developed implemented and advised on well-known individual and system concepts.

The vision of actively developing serving and advising gastronomic system brands and individual concepts placing them on the market and multiplying them under license have made him a step into self-employment.

Since 2008 he has been involved as a co-partner and partner in various consulting and systems management companies - today his 20 years of experience in the area of ​​system and brand gastronomy and classic individual catering use well-known gastronomy groups licensed system brands and individual restaurateurs.

In addition to the consulting and investment business, license sales represent the third pillar of its business activities. As a speaker he is regularly booked for trade and industry congresses. In his coaching and advisory role, he has accompanied gastronomy, food and beverage brands for years in the area of ​​system and brand management, concept development and in the field of seminars.