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"The only true realist is the visionary"Frederico Fellini

Gastema GmbH is a consulting, concept and investment company with a focus on systemic brand and individual catering, the hotel industry and the retail gastronomy.



The creation of modern catering concepts for systematic individual and brand gastronomy form the core of our activities on the market.



A still important pillar of our activities is the classic consulting in the field of gastronomy / hotel / retail. Customer-specific solutions within various tasks from offer analysis to concept reorientation from food and Range development are core pillars of our activities.


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In cooperation with well-known food productions we develop system-oriented food and beverage. Here we accompany the processes from the development over the implementation up to the "training on the job" in the enterprises. The creation and maintenance of process-accompanying documents such as hygiene manuals and documentation are part of the overall service spectrum.


The Institut für Wirtschaftswunder

is a network platform. Partners are architects food developers graphic designers concept developers and specialists in the fields of procurement and logistics.

In the combination of the partners the Institut für Wirtschaftswunder creates an ideal platform for the consultation of complex topics.


Gastema GmbH is actively involved in young systemic gastronomy brands. All companies are operated as company stores with their own company coat.